Fishing Spider – ( Dolomedes ) Easy Identification and White Banded Fishing Spider

Fishing Spider
Dark Fishing Spider

What Is A Fishing Spider ?

Fishing Spider Is Belongs From Pisauridae Spider Family . Fishing Spider Is Also Known As A Dolomedes Spider . Fishing Spider is Carrying A Very Dangerous Venom But This Venom Is Only Harm For Small Fish . A Bite Of Fishing Spider , Human Feels A Highly Pain Like A Bee Bite . Insects Science Says That Bite Of Fishing Spider Is Not Danger For A Human . Fishing Spider Is A Wonder Full Creation Of Natures .

How To Identify Fishing Spider ?

Female fishing spider is bigger than male fishing spider . Female fishing spider is commonly grow between 15 to 26 mm and male fishing spider is growing 7 to 13 mm . Both male and female fishing spider stretch their legs more than 75mm ( 3 inches ) that making the spider bigger than the palm of an adult hand . Fishing spider have typically three colors brown , black and light brown and marking with black banded rings on their legs .  Fishing spider have a long water resistant legs that help to walking on the top of water .



Where Does Fishing Spider Live ?

Fishing spider commonly lives  fresh water environments likes pond and water and they using their long water resistant legs and wave to hunting their meal . Some Fishing Spider using their longs legs to swim , dive , and walking on water surface . Easily you can finds a fishing spider near a lakes and ponds in America .



Life Cycle Of Fishing Spider :

As a members of Nursery-Web family , After laying eggs females Fishing Spiders are wrap the eggs into a silk eggsac . Then the female fishing spider carry the eggsac until the eggs hatch . When the hatch times comes the female fishing spider creates a “Nursery ” in which eggs can hatch . This Is a safe pocket where fishing spider baby comes out from the eggs . When baby comes out from the eggs , after some days the adult fishing spider is died . A Female Fishing Spider Can Live Upto 2 Years .



Habit Of Fishing Spiders :

Some species of fishing spider is always finds near a pond or a fresh water surface . Moreover spices of fishing spider flow on ponds to finds their prey using their wave . Fishing spider is typically moves from sites to sites besides the ponds and they hunted by the human and birds . Some species of fishing spiders are founds in the rocks and wood . The fishing spider is not dangerous for human and nature .



Difference between Fishing Spider and Dark Fishing Spiders :

Commonly have not any huge difference between fishing spider and dark fishing spider . Typically fishing spider have brown , black , and light brown colors and its founds on fresh water surface and the other side dark fishing spiders is available only dark brown colors with white banded in their legs . In some times dark fishing spider founds in the bedroom and kitchen in America .

Know About “ Run Nose ” Problems .

Six Spotted Fishing Spider Identification :

The Six Spotted Fishing Spider is identified by its large size Peculiar marks . Six Spotted Fishing Spider have eight eyes with a very good vision and its body color grey to brown with white marking . They Spider have a  white line both side of body and have some small circular around the body and legs . Like Fishing Spider , Six Spotted female Fishing Spider is longer than male Six Spotted Fishing Spider . Female Six Spotted Fishing Spider is growing near 60mm ( 2.4 inches ) including with legs and another sides male Six Spotted Fishing Spider has growing nearly 40 to 50mm including with legs .



Is The Six Spotted Fishing Spider Poisonous ?

When six spotted fishing spiders are bites their prey this time they release a small venom in their mouth for kill their prey . But The venom of the six spotted fishing spider is not dangerous for human . You can compare this spider venom with a red ants venom . When they bites you can feels a small pain then after some times the pain automatically heals .

What Do 6 Spotted Spiders Eat ?

Like Fishing Spider, you can finds six spotted spiders nearly ponds . Commonly six spotted spiders eats tadpoles , frogs , and small fish into the ponds . Six spotted spider is a beauty full creation of nature .



White Banded Fishing Spider :

Size of White Banded Spider :

White Banded Fishing Female Spider commonly grows 23mm ( 0.90 inch ) and they are larger than male white banded fishing spider who mainly grows 18mm (0.73 inch)  long .


colors of White Banded Spider :

Typically white banded fish spider have white color with black spots on legs . In sometimes white banded fishing spiders are founds mossy green colors with black marking on legs .


Fishing Spider Michigan :

Fishing Spider gets their name from living near ponds and lakes and they caught some small fish and aquatic insects . But The Fishing Spiders are founds in Michigan , Forest or wooden area . Commonly Fishing Spider Is Not bites any human , they always trying to hide from human . But the bite Of Fishing Spider Is Not dangerous for human . An Adult Fishing Spider Can Grow Nearly 3 inches . Some Species Of Fishing Spiders are founds In The Michigan Lakes . Fishing Spider swim on Michigan Lakes Using Their water resistant legs for catching their prey .



Fishing Spider Vs Wolf Spider :

Fishing Spider belongs from genus Dolomedes and Wolf Spider Belongs From genus Lycosa family . The Two Species Spider Is One Of The Biggest spider in North Carolina . Fishing Spider and Wolf Spiders Are same in looks . You Can identify Fishing Spider And Wolf Spider To Showing The Eyes of both spider . Both spiders are available in same colors brown , black , and light brown . Both spider is not dangerous for human . Dolomedes spiders is called fishing spider because they swim on water and hunting small fish and tadpoles . Both Female spiders carrying eggs until the eggs hatch .

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