How long does a root canal take ?

how long does a root canal take ?
How long does a root canal take ?



How long does a root canal take ? What is the root canal ? and how to takes a appointments near a doctor for root canal . Today we discuss about full process of root canal surgery . We also knows how many days takes to heal a root canal .



What is a root canal ?


In our teeth have a small pulp chamber it’s called Root Canal in medical term . In our teeth , the pulp chamber mainly contains sensitive nerves and blood vessels . It’s mainly connect your tooth with bone and gums .



How long does a root canal take ?


A expert doctors  mostly takes 60 to 90 minutes in Root Canal procedure . But in some complex situation it may takes longer .


Root canal procedure times you will be sit on a chair and your root canal procedures takes some times , it’s depend on your infection level in your tooth . Any one can not says how many times takes for a root canal without checking your tooth properly . In this time your tooth have need root canal therapy .


When some people goes for root canal first time and they wants to know that a root canal shouldn’t be painful process before sitting on chair . But here have a misinformation about root canal that it is a very pain full process . Actually it is not a very pain full process because it’s help us to remove the pain and infection of our tooth .


In some cases root canal process takes two appointments it’s depend on your tooth infection . Most of the cases it’s takes one appointments for root canal process .


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How Do I Know That I Needs a Root Canal ?


All teeth have their own pulp and it’s living some tissue inside teeth which is connect your bones and gums . All teeth’s pulp is full of blood vessel and nerve , if it’s become infected so in this time you can feels highly pain . At this time root canal procedure can save your natural tooth and it’s help you to removing your infected blood vessel and nerve . Here i am gives some reason that usually infected pulp in your teeth :


  • Cracks and large chips can damage your pulp and nerves .
  • Long dental work .
  • Infection from junk foods .



Root Canals On Molars :


Root canal on molars is very time consuming process because they are living in the back in your mouth . Root canal therapy in your moral is a very time consuming process for remove your infection . In clean and fills your pulp is takes more times nearly 60 to 90 minutes .



Root Canal on Premolars :


Premolars teeth are living after the front teeth and it’s living before molars teeth . Molars and premolars teeth typically have two root . Procedure of premolars root canal is takes 30 to 60 minutes it’s depend on your infection level .


About Incisors and Canine Tooth :


This teeth’s are belongs in font of your mouth and this tooth typically have a single root . Incisors and Canine Tooth’s procedure is takes very small time . Your dentist typically fill your pulp or complete your procedure around 30 to 45 minutes but it some cases it’s depend on your infection level of you teeth .



Why Can a Root Canal Some Time Two Visit ?


When your tooth’s pulp becomes infected this time it’s needs for root canal therapy . If your infection level of your tooth become high , in this time your dentist divided it’s two sessions . In the first appointment your dentist trying to remove your infection pulp or infection area . After removing your infection pulp your dentist gives you another date of appointment because your infection level is high .


In Second appointment , Your dentist trying to clean your infection pulp and permanent sealant of your tooth . In this time your dentist trying to solve your all tooth problems .



How Pain Full Root Canal ?


Fist times patient have not any idea or any experiences about Root Canal Process . Most of people thought that root canal procedure is very pain full but it is not truth . Root canal process is not very pain full . Root canal procedure is mainly help you to remove your pain of your tooth .



What is the causes of tooth infection ?


Here have many causes of root infection but i gives some main reason of tooth infection :

  • Repeated dental work on your tooth .
  • Crack and chips is exposes the inner layer of your tooth that is very harmful for your tooth .
  • Dental trauma .


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Symptoms of Teeth Infection :


Here i am gives very common symptoms of teeth infection , If you have suffers in this symptoms in this times you have needs a root canal procedure .

  1. High Pain In Tooth .
  2. Sensitivity pain for cold and hot .
  3. Tooth Discoloration .
  4. Swollen Gums .
  5. Highly pain when you touch your teeth .
  6. Cracks on your teeth .



Full Process Of Root Canal Surgery :


  1. First your dentist numb your tooth’s area . ( Dentist doing this to keeps your comfort from surgery pain )
  2. Then doctor create a small hole on your teeth to access your pulp chamber .
  3. Then the doctor remove infection and pulp carefully from your tooth .
  4. Then doctor slowly disinfect and rinse in your tooth .
  5. Then doctor filled your root canal and sealed with a high quality resin to prevent reinfection of your tooth .



How Many Times Takes For Root Canal Procedure ?


Doctors are mainly divided the all tooth into a Three parts . Every parts have their own requirements and times in root canal procedure .

  • Molars : 80 to 90 Minutes or more times . Molars tooth are located in back sight of our mouth and it’s contains upto four roots .
  • Premolars : 50 to 60 Minutes or more time . Premolar tooth’s are located between front and molar tooth . And it’s contain two roots .
  • Canines and Incisors : 40 to 50 Minutes or more . This teeth’s are contains only one root .


If the tooth’s are needs a dental crown in this time it’s needs more 60 minutes for doing this root canal procedure . Mainly doing this steps in another appointments before healing your tooth , the crown permanently placed .



Why Root Canal Takes 2 Visits ?


Some of cases ( not for all ) root canal takes 2 visits or appointment because in first appointment dentist makes a small hole on your tooth and clear all infection pulp . In some cases when your tooth become more infected and you have needs a doctor crown in this time you have needs a 2 visits or second appointments .



Can You Drive Right After a Root Canal ?


Can i able to drive after  root canal ? yes you can drive after root canal procedure because it is a very small surgery in your tooth . And after some days you will able to return in your normal routine . Root canal is very use full procedure and it’s help you to remove all pain from your tooth .



Do they numb you for root canal ?


Yes , when you goes for a root canal procedure doctor will numb your infected tooth area because it’s protect you from surgical pain . In this time you can not feels any pain .



Is the second visit for root canal painful ?


No, root canal is not a pain full procedure . when you goes for a root canal procedure doctor will numb your infected tooth area because it’s protect you from surgical pain . In this time you can not feels any pain . Root canal is a very small surgery and you will be back in your daily routine .



Gap between root canal sittings :


This time nearly takes 1 week to 3 weeks between first first and second appointments . It’s fully depends on your dentist that your doctor gives a second appointment date after examine  your health .


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