Hurricane Ida Updates: Hurricane Ida Now Forecast To Be A Category 4 Storm Before Landfall

Hurricane Ida Updates:
Hurricane Ida Updates:2021 USA


Hurricane Ida Updates: 2021


Hurricane Ida slowly moves towards the gulf coast , Hurricane Ida Was make a big swirling over the eastern ocean on Saturday .


According to the National Hurricane Center : Now the storm was located nearly 230 miles south of Cabo Corrientes , Mexico then moving to the northwest near 12mph .


Now the center of the storm may be reach to the southwestern coast of Mexico later the center of Hurricane slowly moves to the coast of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit .


The Category :1 storm may be moves into the Gulf of California on Sunday or Monday . This time falling heavy rain across costal points of the Mexican states of Guerrero,  Colima and Jalisco.


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Hurricane Ida About Category:


The National Hurricane Center Is divided the Hurricane Into Four category . The National Hurricane Center gives some basic Ida about first category of Hurricane Like Pressure , wind speeds , gust etc.


Category :1 Hurricane Ida

Pressure : 985mb , Wind : 80mph , Gust: 100mph ,  Movement : NW at 15 mph , Location : 90 MI SW OF HAVANA CUBA .

After Some Days The Rainfall Shifts Into The Baja California Sur late Sunday into Monday.


When the Hurricane Central position belongs into the Baja California Sur then the rainfall totals of 4 to 8 inches are forecast, with isolated maximum numbers of 12 inches. According To the National Hurricane Center .


Hurricane Preparation In Gulf Coast In Mexican :


Hurricane Ida , after making two big rainfall over the western Cuba later during the day of Friday . After that the Hurricane moves nearly the southeastern Gulf of Mexico . AccuWeather forecasters warned that Ida , Hurricane rapidly intensify and approach the U.S. coast as Category 4 hurricane. Meteorologists warned residents near the gulf coast of Mexican is to prepared for the Hurricane , high Storm .


Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency on Thursday for due to the impacts of Hurricane in Louisiana . The Louisiana Gov. also says the residents to goes to safe place during the Hurricane times . “Now is the time for people to finalize their emergency game plan, which should take into account the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” Edwards said.


As per governments direction the residents of new Orleans were already stored foods , important documents and supplies . And the governments aware the residents from COVID 19 and also says every times wearing MUSK and keeps a social distance during the Hurricane Times .


Change Location Of Residents During Hurricane Times :


New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell is decided on late Friday Afternoon and says the government will safely move the residents from the dangerous Hurricane Area into a safe place . However, the National Weather Service and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards hardly says that they always trying to keeps the all residents safe during the Hurricane times .


On the Friday evening , the presidents announced that the entire Parish residents are required to leave the Parish by 5 : 0 Pm . According to CDT Saturday , the Hurricane was slowly moves to the northwest at a speed of 16 mph and maximum winds speeds of 85 mph . Ida 440 miles southeast of New Orleans .


The Strom becomes stronger and larger in size in Friday  compared with Thursday . In This Time Not only hurricane winds speed increase but also the Hurricane area increase upto 25 miles from the storm center . After some times topical winds forces the Hurricane to extended outward up to 90 miles (150 km) from the center, up from 70 miles (115 km) .



Live Position Of Hurricane :






The latest forecast from AccuWeather meteorologists indicates that the storm always increase and becomes heavy in power , after that the storm will take the path of Central Gulf of Mexico . According AccuWeather  forecast makes the land fall into 4 Category , meaning sustained winds of 130-156 mph .



Near the Carolina coast Hurricane gives the High pressure that enough to move the storm northwestward into United States . The Central of the Hurricane also gives High Pressure on the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

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