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Why Does My Nose Run When I Eat
Why Does My Nose Run When I Eat



There have many reason , Why Does My Nose Run When I Eat ? infections is one of the most powerful of nose run when you eat and some times its happen for allergies, and irritants . Many peoples are faces nose runs problem when they eats food . Here i am gives some tips , if you follow this tips you can easily bring out from Nose Runs problem eating time .



Medical Terms of Nose Run on Eating Time :


Rhinitis is a medical terms of runny nose or stuffy nose on eating time . Here I am mentions some big symptoms of Runny Nose or Rhinitis :


  • runny nose
  • congestion
  • sneezing
  • nasal itch
  • phlegm in the throat .


Causes of Rhinitis :


Peoples are suffer in Rhinitis . Word Medical Organization is divided Rhinitis into Five Parts . Here we discuss  about all five parts .


  1. Allergic rhinitis
  2. Nonallergic rhinitis
  3. Gustatory rhinitis
  4. Vasomotor rhinitis
  5. Mixed rhinitis


Allergic Rhinitis :


Allergic Rhinitis are one of the most biggest cause of Rhinitis , many people is suffering this Allergic Rhinitis . Allergens in the air is paly a great role in Allergic Rhinitis . In this times many people have suffering in Allergic Rhinitis from Air . If you face this Allergic rhinitis from air so in this time you can use a MUSK when you comes out from home .


Cause Of Air Rhinitis :

  1. Pollen .
  2. Mold .
  3. Dust .


You can says that Allergic Rhinitis is a Seasonal Diseases . Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis are comes and goes , it’s depend on season . Mainly the peoples are suffering in Allergic Rhinitis in summer times .


Some peoples are face allergic rhinitis from animal like cats and dogs . During the allergic times your body’s immune system falling lows and you feeling highly headache and runny nose .


When you eats this time runny nose comes out , it’s may be cause of food allergy . It’s is a common symptoms of food allergy runny nose and headache . Typically have many symptoms of food allergy , here we discuss about it .


  • Hives .
  • Shortness Breath .
  • Wheezing .
  • Vomiting .
  • Dizziness .


Some Food ( Cause of Food Allergies ) :


  • Nuts and Peanuts .
  • Fish and Shellfish .
  • Gluten .
  • Eggs .
  • Lactose .
  • Brinjal .


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Nonallergic Rhinitis :


Nonallergic Rhinitis it’s have only one main cause that it’s happened from the foods . Nonallergic rhinitis is effects on immune system of a man . Nonallergic Rhinitis is a very short term runny nose process that is comes and goes .


Now modern medical science is not consider Nonallergic Rhinitis as a part of Allergy . Because it’s mainly happen from spicy foods .


Some Reason Of Nonallergic Runny Nose :


  1. Irritating Smells .
  2. Spicy Foods .
  3. Smoke .
  4. Weather Changing .


Nonallergic Runny nose is happens from several causes but It’s mostly happens from upper four causes .


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Gustatory Rhinitis :


You can also says that Gustatory Rhinitis is another parts of Nonallergic Rhinitis . It’s mainly happens from eating highly spicy foods . Usually spicy foods is a main reason of Gustatory Rhinitis .


In 1989 ” old studies ” Organization had been published  ” The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology ” , In this Journal they clearly mentions that Gustatory Rhinitis is only happens from spicy foods . This is not effect on Man’s immune system .


Gustatory Rhinitis is commonly happens with Adults . Some example of spicy foods that it cause of Gustatory runny nose :


  1. Hot Peppers .
  2. Curry .
  3. Hot Sauce .
  4. Chili Powder .
  5. Ginger .


Here i am gives some example of spicy foods that is cause of runny nose . Without this fives foods runny nose happens from several foods .



Vasomotor Rhinitis :


Blood vessel or dilatation is related with Vasomotor Rhinitis . Vasomotor runny noes makes effects on man’s immune system . Vasomotor Rhinitis is a example of different types runny nose . Some basic symptoms of Vasomotor Runny Nose :


  • Postnasal Drip .
  • Coughing .
  • Throat – Clearing .
  • Facial Pressure .


This symptoms are very commons in Vasomotor Runny nose . It’s mainly happens from :


  1. Perfumes and other strong smell .
  2. Cold weather .
  3. Bright Lights .
  4. Emotional Stress .


Vasomotor Runny nose mainly happens from this causes .



Mixed Rhinitis :


Mixed Rhinitis is happens from the both reason one allergic and another nonallergic . Mixed runny nose is not a uncommon disease , many people is suffering into this problems . Mainly Mixed Rhinitis is happens from weather changing times and also happens from high smell and Smokes .



Diagnosis Of Runny Nose :


Most people knows runny knows is a parts of their daily life , its come and goes in weather changing times .



Rhinitis is not a serious disease , it’s mainly happens from allergy , allergic foods and spicy foods . Runny nose mainly interface in our daily life and immune systems . When you face this problem so you can takes some suggestion from doctors . They help us to improve our health .


Already we are discuss about all types of runny nose and now you have a proper knowledge  about all types of runny nose . when you goes to a doctor that help  you to discuss properly about your health problems .


When you goes near a doctor and the doctor ask some questions near you about your symptoms and allergic history . Its may possible that doctors tells you to doing some test , like :


  1. Skin Prick Test .
  2. Anterior Rhinoscopy .
  3. Nasal Endoscopy .



Treatment :



Doctor first identify the cause of runny nose and then starting your treatment of runny nose . According of doctor if you have been face nonallergic runny nose in this times you have not needs any treatment .



Treatment of Food Allergic Runny Nose :


In this time many people is faced this food allergy and it’s becomes their daily life parts . Many people have many reason of food allergy . Likes one people have food allergy from fish but another people have food allergy from Nuts .


Doctor many suggest if you have a food allergy in this time you needs to avoid this foods .



Remedying :


Non allergic runny nose have very common symptoms it’s mainly happens from food allergy . If you face this problem so you needs to change your life style and foods .


  • Quit Smoking .
  • Quit Spicy Foods .
  • Avoid highly smells perfume .
  • Wearing Musk when you clean up dust in your home .



Perplexity of Runny Nose :


Runny nose is most dangerous  for small breath Patientest  . If small breath Patientest  face this problem so in this time they have needs doctors suggest . Chronic congestion is one of most dangerous parts of runny nose .

  1. Nasal Polyps .
  2. Sinusitis .
  3. Ear infection .


Why Does My Nose Run When I Eat ?

Eating times Nose Run out because it’s mainly happens for Spicy foods and most rear cases without knowing wrongly you eat some allergic foods . According to ” The Global Health Organization ” that Runny Noses are comes out only two reason one Allergic and other is Nonallergic .


How do I stop my nose from running when I eat?

Yes you can stop runny nose problem . If you really wants to solve this problem in this time you have needs to leave all spicy foods . We have already knows that runny nose is mainly happens from allergic and nonallergic reason . If you face runny nose for allergic reason in this times you have needs to visit near a doctors .


Why does my nose run when i eat uk ?


According to ” The World Health Organization ” it’s may be happens that you without knowing wrongly you eats some allergic foods or you have very spicy foods . If you face this problem highly you can visit near a doctor . They help you to improve your health .



Why does my nose run all the time ?


Every times nose run because you are a very weather sensitive person . Now every days our weather changes and you suffers in runny nose problems . It’s mainly happens for cold weather .



Why does my nose run when I eat bread ?


According to general science many people have allergy from bread . We all ready knows that Run Nose mainly happens for two reason one allergic and another is non-allergic . When you eats Breads and nose runs its mainly happens for Allergic Rhinitis .


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Why does my nose run when i eat normal food ?


It’s may be happens that you without knowing wrongly you eats some allergic foods . Here i share some allergic foods name :


  • Nuts and Peanuts .
  • Fish and Shellfish .
  • Gluten .
  • Eggs .
  • Lactose .
  • Brinjal


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